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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I often hear people complain that there is NO FUNDING for small business owners… I have to disagree with this statement. It’s just a process and takes some WORK…

Grants are only one source of financial assistance from the Federal Government. There are at least five other sources available for you:

State funding

Local funding

Private funding

Education Funding

Business Loans

If YOU don’t have the time to do the work… you MUST make time or hire someone… know it is a process and will NEVER be an overnight win for ANYONE.

You’ll probably apply for A LOT… you’ll likely get denied A LOT, but YOU STILL HAVE TO KEEP TRYING.

YES... it takes time researching, checking all qualifications, and drafting the responses for the grant. However, I recommend you keep searching… keep applying.. keep pushing… keep introducing your companies to STRANGERS trying to help companies like yours with funding!!! Just keep going…

Last year, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which resulted in the United States Treasury allocated more than $350 billion to state, regional, municipal, and Tribal governments. The ARPA infused local governments with one of the most significant injections of federal cash in U.S. history!

This year, I have shared some of the significant funding opportunities, including private and state funding. Most states and counties used this money to reinforce existing programs.

Below, please see a list of grants you can apply for right now!!! This week alone we were able to apply for 11 grants.

Different Type Of Grants

  1. Private

  2. Local (State, County, City) - Check your county website

  3. Federal - To find federal grants, go to the website of the federal agency that aligns with your work and view their grant programs. This will have the most accurate information.

  4. Nonprofit (must be a 501c3 to be considered an official nonprofit)

Available Grants

  1. $10,000 KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program for Female Founders.For the seventh round of the Small Business Builders program, KKR is pleased to support small businesses owned by women. KKR has already awarded 278 small businesses with $10,000 grants through its Small Business Builders program, and you could be next!Don’t wait to apply. The deadline to apply is April 22, 2022, at 6 p.m.

2. Caress Dreams to Reality Fund - 60 women of color founders will be selected to receive grant money and access to resources that will set them up for success and reach their funding goals through crowdfunding campaigns. Grant for $5,000. Apply by 3/4/2022.

3. Minority GovCon Business - Each month a $500 micro-grant will be awarded to a for-profit small business owned by women of color. Apply by 4/15/2022.

4. AT&T Black Future Maker - Black Future Makers are dedicated individuals pursuing greater possibilities for the greater good. Submit a video of 30-60 seconds, or photo, on your Instagram feed. Tell us how you are pursuing greater possibilities for you and the community. Tag @att and use #dreaminblack and #attcontest. Winners chosen monthly. Grants for $10,000. Apply by 12/31/2022.

5. Fearless Strivers - Open to black women who are legal U.S. residents (including DC), 18+ and the principal owner of a U.S.-based small business. Grants for $10,000. Apply by 12/31/2022.

6. Kinetic Black Business Support Fund - Must be a black-owned small business in the state of GA, Charlotte, NC or Lexington, KY and receiving broadband internet Services from Windstream. Grant for $2,500.

7. GA - Resurgence Grant Fund - For-profit businesses are eligible for a Resurgence Grant Fund grant if they hold a 2022 City of Atlanta business license and had fewer than 250 employees as of December 31, 2021. Grants up to $40,000. Applications open 3/1/22

8. TX - Killeen Small Business Grant Assistance Program - Small businesses located in Killeen can request up to $10,000 to mitigate financial hardships occurring because of the coronavirus pandemic. Must have 50 or fewer employees.

Texas Restaurant Grants - TX Restaurant Relief Fund will distribute grants of up to $5,000 to immediately support financial needs. These funds are earmarked specifically for use to keep their doors open and their workers employed.

9. NY - Erie County Small Business Working Capital Grants - Grant program provides a grant of up to $10,000 to small businesses that have suffered loss of revenue due to the pandemic. Eligible businesses include those who employ five or fewer employees and whose household income is below HUD Section 8 income guidelines.

10. Restaurant Education Scholarships and Grants - National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will provide scholarships and grants available to individuals pursuing a secondary degree in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Grants are for $2500-$10000. Apply by 3/15/2022

11. Moscow, ID Small business and Non-profit grants - City of Moscow is launching two new grant programs – one is Social Service Non-Profits and the second grant program is for Small Businesses. Grants are $15,000 - $25,000 and issued on a first come, first served basis.

12. Fulton County Small Business Relief - Small businesses in Fulton County, IL who experienced losses due to COVID-19 in 2020 or 2021 are eligible to apply. Grants are $2500-$50,000. Apply through 3/31/22.

13. Illinois Restaurant Foundation Grant - Grants for restaurant workers facing hardships. Grants cover living expenses after life-altering events like accident, illness, or death of a close family member. These are for individuals rather than businesses. Grants for $250 to $1500.

14. Shawnee Small Business Grant Program - Business must be located in Shawnee, Kansas and have 1-50 full time employees, or equivalent part-time employees, including the owner. Grant for up to $5,000. Apply by 3/25/22.

15. Aveeno Skin Health Startup Accelerator - Aveeno is looking for Black female entrepreneurs with a product, brand or technology that meets the skin or hair care needs of Black consumers. Create a 1-2 minute video introducing yourself, your business, and why you got started. Grant for $100,000. Apply by 4/30/2022.

16. Restaurant Education Scholarships and Grants - National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will provide scholarships and grants available to individuals pursuing a secondary degree in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Grants are for $2500-$10000. Apply by 3/15/2022

17.Arch Grants Startup Competition - Awards innovative, scalable, and job- creating startups with $75,000 non-dilutive grants (plus an additional $25,000 for companies relocating to St. Louis) and access to an ecosystem of resources in exchange for headquartering their business in St. Louis for at least one year. Competition applications are evaluated by over 400 investors and industry experts from the St. Louis community and around the country. Grants for $75,000.

18. Morris County Small Business Grant Program - Available to businesses in Morris County with 25 or fewer full time employees (or equivalent) and less than $5MM in revenue. Grants for up to $15,000.

19. NJ Small Business Improvement Grant - Businesses and nonprofits may be reimbursed for capital improvements, or purchase and/or installation of new furniture, fixtures, and equipment up to $50,000.

20. Roanoke Small Business Grants - Created to help Roanoke-based microbusinesses that are at-risk of closing or laying off employees due to COVID-19. Grants range from $5000 - $25,000.

21. Prince Edward Island Small Business Grants - Eligible businesses are those businesses closed to in-person services restricted by the enhanced Public Health Measures introduced on January 18, 2022 and must be operating in PEI. Grant for $2500-$7500. Apply by 3/21/2022.

22. Ontario COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grant - Grant provides a one- time payment of $10,000 to eligible small businesses that have been required to close indoor operations as a result of the province’s modified Step 2 restrictions that came into effect on January 5, 2022. Apply by 3/11/2022.

23. India - Accenture's Women Founders Program - The initiative is aimed at funding women entrepreneurs in India in Deep Tech & Enterprise SaaS startups. and connecting them with industry leaders who can help them navigate industry trends, refine their value proposition and provide guidance to build their client pitches. Grants of $60,000. Applications due 3/6/2022. Link:

24. United Kingdom - South East Business Boost (SEBB) Grants - South East Business Boost (SEBB) Grants of up to £10,000 are available to small to medium sized businesses in East Sussex. Apply by 8/1/2022.

Want my help with Grant Writing?

Option 1:

Because of you guys, I have added more grant writing classes throughout the year!! Yayyyy!! We normally ONLY do this class twice a year. If you would like to start a grant wiring business or learn how to write your own grant this affordable class is for you!!!

Here's what you'll learn in this class:

This course reviews the steps in drafting a grant proposal for funding, including planning, researching and writing a grant as well as best practices for following up with potential funders. This class will go over how you can start your own grant writing business!!

Bonus!!! This class will give you access to my grant system for 30 days!!!

Option 2:

Grant Writing Program: My grant program consist of us researching, finding, and applying for the grant. We actively look for grants each Friday. Our package cost $350 for 2 grants. Grants are not guaranteed though so please understand that upfront. We do offer Sezzle so you can buy now pay later!!

Option 3:

If you don't want to (or don't have the time to) learn how to do the grant search and evaluation yourself, I also offer 1-on-1 consultation.

Here is the pricing for consultations:

1 hour is $199

Option 4:

If you need help responding to a grant, we can complete a grant writeup on your business. Your grant writeup will help you be better prepared to respond to grants and save you a lot of time. We will draft a response to answer some of the most critical questions on most grant applications. You can use your grant writeup as a template to help you breeze through the grants. We have two options for you:

One Page - $350

Two Pages - $550

You can book this service here:

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