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Grants Update

10 Billion in Grant Money

A $10 billion fund is set up to help small businesses through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). This program gives money and support to help businesses get credit and investments and offers guidance on applying for these benefits.


6 Billion Dollar ”Hard-Hit Small Business Relief Fund

Senator Ben Cardin introduced a bill to give grants to small businesses severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. The bill proposes a Hard-Hit Small Business Relief Fund, using the leftover $6 billion from previous small business aid programs to help eligible businesses as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration.


2023 Evidence for Action: Innovative Research to Advance Racial Equity

Evidence for Action funds research to study specific actions like policies or programs that could help combat the negative effects of systemic racism, aiming to improve health and fairness, mainly focusing on racial equality. This funding supports examining the deeper causes of health unfairness rooted in societal systems and laws. The aim is to focus on the issues faced by the most affected communities and to drive real-world solutions that can establish helpful practices.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


2023 ZenBusiness Grant Program

ZenBusiness is offering grants of $5,000 every month in 2023 to assist you in pursuing your vocation.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


America’s Seed Fund

We back the creation of advanced technologies rooted in basic science and engineering. When looking at applications, we check how new and potentially profitable your technology is and if it could positively affect society.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023



We are distributing $5,000 Angel Grants to women entrepreneurs and business owners. Spread the word to women who could benefit from this financial boost for their business! For more details on Angel Grants, follow the link below.


Annuity Freedom BIPOC Small Business Marketing Grant

Accepting monthly applications to offer BIPOC-owned businesses complimentary SEO assessments, guidance, and strategy development.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


Awesome Foundation

A worldwide community financing initiative; grants valued at up to $1000.

Deadline: Unspecified


Conscious Crypto Creator

We’re offering $3.5 Million in Artist Grants to CCC Verified Artists.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023



Introducing the $1,000,000 cannabis scholarship. Educapital has collaborated with states and territories nationwide to advance Cannabis career education. Every scholarship awardee will receive $1,000 for their education, courtesy of private donors. Furthermore, 50 graduates will receive $10,000 in start-up funds to kickstart their cannabis business post-graduation.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


Sky’s The Limit

Every month, we present a startup grant of up to $2,500 to an entrepreneur (up to £2,000 for UK grants). Till now, we've distributed over $200,000 in funds to assist young underrepresented entrepreneurs in advancing towards their business aspirations.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


Truist NonProfit Grant

The Truist Foundation aids nonprofits through grants for leadership development, economic mobility, flourishing communities, and educational equality.

Deadline: November 30


Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Encountered a sudden chance to showcase your work? Faced an unforeseen expense not accounted for in your budget? The Foundation for Contemporary Arts provides Emergency Grants ranging from $500 to $3,000 for experimental artists. With a monthly review of applications, you can swiftly seize the momentum or rectify any budgetary mishaps.


SBA Thrive Emerging Leaders Training Program

Training program tailored for business owners with a minimum annual revenue of $250,000, at least three years in business, and one employee or more. Register via email to get updates on funding dates for the July-December 2023 round.


Musicians Foundation

Emergency grants for professional musicians,

songwriters and educators.


GoFund Help Small Businesses Relief Affected by Coronavirus Grant

The GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative aims to assist local businesses dealing with financial setbacks. Make a positive impact today by either donating or initiating a fundraiser. If you are a small business owner and can't find a GoFundMe for your business, consider starting a fundraiser. Additionally, small businesses in the United States can apply for a matching grant from the Small Business Relief Fund, with a grant amount of $500.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


John Temple Foundation “Create Your Own Grant” Fund

With over $100M allocated for research funding through 2023, the John Templeton Foundation is in search of exceptional candidates. If you have a compelling idea to delve into some of humanity's profound questions, we are eager to review your application.

Deadline: No Deadline


Juntos Crecemos Hispanic Digital & Delivery Program (PepsiCo)

PepsiCo is calling on Latina entrepreneurs in the food service industry to apply for an eight-week personalized expert consultation program covering best practices in operations, technology, marketing, and digital presence. Thirteen cities will be awarded $10,000 each. Throughout this program, up to $10 million will be distributed to 500 business owners.

Deadline: No Deadline


Kinetic Black Business Support Fund

Eligibility requires the small business to be black-owned, located in Georgia, Charlotte, NC, or Lexington, KY, and subscribed to broadband internet services through Windstream. Grants are available for $2,500.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023



Abaca, a fintech firm, offers FDIC-insured banking, payments, and treasury management to cannabis ventures in alliance with sponsor banks. Through our online portal, users can access all banking services with a single easy login, saving time, cutting costs, enhancing security, and maintaining compliance. Serving customers in 14 states, we're on a path of nationwide expansion. So far, we've handled over $3 billion in compliant cannabis transactions. We've also launched a Social Equity Grant Program, where eligible social equity candidates granted cannabis business licenses can get a waiver on their first two years' monthly account fees (a value of up to $12,000) for their banking services.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023



This grant is aimed at podcast start-ups and podcasts seeking growth capital. The grant amount ranges from $25,000 to $150,000.


REDF Accelerator

Are you at the helm of an employment social enterprise? A venture that earns revenue through product or service sales and offers paid employment to individuals overcoming work barriers? Are you on the brink of expansion and aiming for a broader impact? Are you keen on fortifying your program and improving your financial standing? Are you eager to foster a supportive community with peers sharing similar ideals? Upon triumphant completion of the REDF Accelerator, a $20,000 grant awaits you to apply the high-impact insights gained during the Accelerator. The REDF Accelerator is crafted with your needs in focus.

Deadline: Rolling Throughout 2023


Wish Local Empowerment Program

You must be a Black-owned business with a brick-and-mortar shop within the United States and less than 20 employees. If selected for the program, you must join Wish Local (which is free). Grants for up to $2000

Deadline: No Deadline


Zen Business

Zen Business is offering free LLC setup for women who are mothers. It's unclear if there's any hidden registration or signup involved - so if you avail this offer, do share your experience!


NASE-National Association of Self Employed

Looking for $4,000 to Boost Your Business? Submit your application for a business development grant from NASE, valued at up to $4,000! If you're already a member, sign in as a NASE member and then return to this page for further instructions below to apply for an NASE Growth Grant today! Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basi

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