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Every business will struggle with chargebacks at some point. Payment disputes are an inevitable consequence of a digital economy. For merchants, chargebacks can severely threaten revenue and business sustainability.


With proper education, tools, and action, merchants and consumers can see a decline in fraudulent chargeback claims, both now and in the future.


This is the PERFECT ebook for business owners who want to Prepare, fight and WIN Chargebacks. 


Here is what you can expect inside:


✅ Over five templates to help protect you from chargebacks

✅ Chargeback Cheetsheet and Checklist

✅ Information regarding Chargeback Fraud

✅ Reversal Email Template & Customer Communication Templates




Terms & Conditions

Returns & Refund Policy

Service Agreement

Subscription Policy

Website Terms & Conditions

Reversal Email Template

Rebuttal letter Template



Purchase your copy today!! Your download will be available immediately. Please copy and paste the link into your browser.  No Refunds!!

How to Prepare, Fight, & Win Chargebacks - Ebook

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