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Online Coaching with Coach Brooks

Meet Latasha

Business Coach & Government Contractor

Coach Latasha Brooks is a highly sought after serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business development consultant. Focusing on government contracts, corporate training and event planning,


Brooks delights in using her God-given wisdom and experience to support both small and large companies in ushering in exponential organizational growth. As a professional coach and consultant, Latasha exercises supporting her clients with precision and grace to help them achieve their goals in record time. 


What I Specialize In

Business Development

Government Contracting

Event Planning

Youth Programs

Coaching & Mentoring


Get your company on the path to success

Coach Brooks is a God sent. She's the truth and she's passionate about teaching entrepreneurs to do business with integrity. After going to her Minority GovCon in Washington, DC and meeting her in person we found out that she was a GOAT at what she does because of her knowledge and wisdom. Every dime spent for this event was not only worth it, but after leaving that event we have scaled our business in so many ways because of her knowledge and wisdom. I am now apart of the challenge classes and of course Coach Brooks gives us more information in those groups than what you paid for. Because of her we will get a contract this year.

Thank you Coach Brooks for giving so many entrepreneurs the what, when and how to be the best entrepreneur that's walks in integrity. Thank you for all that you do.

Coach Brooks is just incredible. The knowledge that I'm gaining from her business coaching is a driving force for me as a business owner. I've completed the 2 day "Government Contracting" Challenge , and now Challenge #3 "Investing in Real Estate with Business Credit", and it was amazing. I always signup for as many classes/challenges as I can when she offers them because I KNOW it's gonna be nothing but 🔥 10 outta 10 highly reccomend!!!

Coach Brooks is very thorough and knowledgeable of all things business. I really appreciate her willingness and ability to teach people of all different industries and backgrounds. I love that she is so genuine in her approach and works hard to make sure that everyone that comes in contact with her services (mentee or not) has an experience and the tools to help them be successful. If you are SERIOUS about your business I would highly recommend that you follow her social media platforms as well as attend one of her classes. She has been a blessing and always over delivers!

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